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About Us

Chennai Food Bag is an initiative to provide a reliable online platform for people to buy organic, natural and eco friendly products at a fair price. We have created on online market place to help individuals and households lead a healthy lifestyle by giving them access to traditional and indigenous products of India.

We present to you a wide range of organic, natural and chemical free products in the best interest of your health and the environment.

Our Backbone

A dedicated team of entrepreneurs, organic and biodynamic agriculturists whose driving force is their passion to provide natural and environment friendly products at a fair price.

Natural & Chemical-free Agricultural Produce

We have products from farmers who use organic and biodynamic farming techniques which are in sync with nature. They make proper use of their natural resources like preparing plant extracts for controlling pests, soil conservation techniques, efficient water harvesting techniques, animal husbandry for manure (used in making Panchagavya an organic product to promote growth and immunity in the plant system) and in farm waste management & No Genetically Modified ecosystem

Traditional Rice & Millets

India’s native indigenous rice and millet varieties have innumerable health and medical benefits. In the olden days physical ailments such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, and diabetes were almost unheard of. Every variety of traditional rice is known to play a role in developing the human body, boosting the immune system, help reduce, and in some cases prevent, diabetic conditions, minimize cardiovascular conditions, contain antioxidant properties and a low glycemic index, prevent fatty liver, and also the best known source of Vitamin B. Our ancestors lived wholesome and healthy lives. Experts have credited this to their lifestyle and diet, in which rice took an important place.

Ethical Skincare

Now that we have taken care of things to help us stay healthy from inside we should also give our body the luxury to stay healthy and beautiful from outside as well. Our skin is the largest shield against infection that we have and hence the importance to keep it healthy. Our skin care products are perfect for all skin types without using any harsh chemicals.

Healthy Unrefined Cold Pressed Oil

Coconut Oil/ Sesame Oil/ Gingelly oil is extracted by traditional wood extractor (Mara chekku) to make sure that they retain essential nutrients. Cold pressed oils are a healthy alternative to refined cooking oils. They are known to be cholesterol free, unrefined or unprocessed, do not contain harmful solvent residues and contain natural antioxidants that are beneficial for the body. They are also rich in vitamin E, which has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

We have given you a brief introduction on what is available on our online marketplace, go ahead and take your step towards a healthy shopping experience. Based on your feedback and requirement we are looking forward to add more products, which will help our society lead a healthier lifestyle.

We are what we eat. Let us lead a healthy and happy life for ourselves and the future generations.

Chennai Food Bag Team
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