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I am Nandini, an entrepreneur with a vision and passion to provide safe, natural and organic products to benefit common people.
How and Why Amizhdam the “House of Goodness” started
My mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2004 and it all started with googling about " what is cancer" what are carcinogens and the list continues. I don't believe in modern medical science for treatment (for diagnosis and emergency it is OK) of any disease and most of the diseases are psyco-somatic and food habits help the mind to a gre...Read more

Vision of Amizhdam the “House of Goodness”
Traditional Medical science, food practices and value systems have highly been ignored in the recent past because of undue external influences. This situation has to be restored to our traditional glory.
We sell traditional rice varieties, pulses, forest honey, unprocessed sea salt, Himalayan pink salt and more organic and natural products.
We continuously endeavor that traditional food and lifestyle practices reach the common people.