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Devi Shanmugam

Hi this is Devi Shanmugam, Student of BHOOMI College Bangalore. I have completed my PGD in Sustainable Living. Eco Entrepreneur changing lives with Ethical SkinCare


My goal in life is to encourage people to make the shift from commercial chemical skin care products to natural ones and to create awareness amongst adolescent children about the ill effects of toxic chemicals in body care products and their long term side effects. Whilst I was busy creating awareness I saw that, not a...Read more

We handcraft body care products such as Body Butters, Lip Balms, Soaps, Eye Serums, Face Packs etc. 80% of our raw materials are sourced responsibly from self help groups, NGOs, Collectives and Independent Natural farmers keeping in mind that we ensure Fair Trade. 80% of our package material is recyclable and reusable. We don't want to leave behind a large carbon footprint. The pricing for our products is done keeping in mind that Natural products/ Organic skin care doesn't needfully cater only to a certain group. The price should be affordable enough to help the buyer make the shift from Commercial chemically loaded body care products to Natural ones.