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    Organic Farming By Women


Jitendra Yadav

Jitendra Yadav (CEO, AIKYA ORGANICS PVT LTD) Having born and brought up in a small village in Uttar Pradesh, I witnessed the journey of my grandfather who was a proud farmer. Contrary to that for my father agriculture became economically unviable. Growing input cost and the dependence of land on chemicals were the major challenges that my father faced while doing agriculture post green revolution. When I grew up I realized that the story of my father is not unique; but a story of the farmers all over the country. Issues related to agricult...Read more

Dhaanika aims to provide safe chemical free food all, women led farmers produce organic food that is manufactured through sustainable farming practices. Dhaanika maintains the taste and flavour even through the manual processes of production.

With the vision of 'Healthy & Chemical-Free' food for all, the organization works with 1200 women farmers to grow Pure & Natural food through desi seeds in 6 districts of UP using Zero Budget Nature Farming (ZBNF) in partnership with NGO partner SB (Shramik Bharti). With over 32 years of experience in working among farming community, the NGO has promoted more than 500 women self-help groups(SHGs) each with 20 female farmers. Our team of agriculture experts train the farmers on nature farm...Read more