Healthy Scalp Hair Oil, 100ml


  • Made with Pure Coconut oil, Henna, bringraj, neem, curry leaves, Aleovera, rosemary and Thyme leaves, small onion juice, sprouted fenugreek, fresh Amla, Kalongi and myrobalan.
  • Few ingredients are pulsed, pounded and steeped in Coconut oil, frem the rest only their concoction is extracted and simmered on low heat for few hours to arrive at what we have right now!
  • Regular use of this hair oil with a frequency of 4 times a week, keeps the body heat at bay and cools down the pitta, which helps in stopping hair fall. The rest of the natural effective ingredients help in stimulating hair growth and strengthens the roots.
  • Best Before: 6 months from purchase as we make fresh batch before sale.
  • No Chemicals No Phthalates No fragrance oils

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